Tracing the entrance to the fields of canola flowers fascinated young people in Dalat

Every month in March, Da Lat is brilliant in the colors of leaves and flowers, the cherry blossom season fades to the blooming season of yellow mustard flowers, glowing in the whole sky. If you are a flower hunter in Dalat, definitely cannot go through the beauty of the sky like this. Let’s find your way into the most beautiful cabbage fields with BigHomeDaLat to prepare for the ecstatic virtual image in March!

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Image Tran Phuong Trinh

1. After the hydrangeas garden

Image Hoang My

By the way, visiting the extremely famous hydrangea flower garden in Da Lat, there is a garden of freshly bloom yellow flowers, very beautiful.

Image Hoang My

To get here, you drive to Trai Mat, passing Linh Phuoc pagoda, you will see the opposite of Tuan Nhi cafe billiard coffee, left in the opposite alley. Known as Ward 11 Hydrangea Flower Garden, you can follow Google Map to get here. Ticket price to take photos 15k / person.

Image Hoang My

2. Along the way to Ta Nung commune

The road to Van Thanh flower village is the direction with many cabbage flowers. Every year, people will plant cauliflower for the purpose of photography. The road from flower village to Me Linh coffee will have many flower fields with both fee and no fee. If you want to just enjoy the scenery, drink coffee and then take a picture, you should go to the nearby gardens and opposite Me Linh coffee shop to take pictures. There is a fee for each person.

Image Trinh Bao Nam




Canola flower looks wild, but in large numbers like in the fields, its wild and fragile beauty does not seem inferior to any flower. If you are a yellow fan, then hurry up and wrap it away before the flowers fade away!



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