Stray in the artichoke flower valley in Da Lat to a beautiful image “crazy”

Out of pictures of beautiful hydrangeas, pictures of bright yellow sunflowers to dreamy Mai cherry streets that made young people fever “go in and out” of Da Lat, now Da Lat comes again show artichoke dreamy valley makes young people to be a phen frantically want to go immediately to check-in.

Lưu bản nháp tự động

The artichoke valley is located on 20 bis, Me Linh Street, Ward 9, right next to Than Tho Lake and if you go from Lam Vien Square, it will be less than 10 minutes to the valley. The 4000m2 wide valley with thousands of artichokes will definitely be the ideal place for you to check-in that virtual live.

Artichoke flower was originally considered a symbol of Da Lat, yet the flower bud was taken as a symbol of Lam Vien Square – the “heart” of Dalat – which made young people love it whenever they came to Dalat.

Now there is a whole green artichoke valley, untouched for you to check-in.

The whole valley immersed in the green color of the artichoke attracts the eyes, coming here you will be attracted by the sparkling purple artichoke flower field on the lush green background covering the valley.


The fragrant scent of this plant blends with the scent of flowers from nature to spread into the pure atmosphere between the mountains, creating a sweet, fresh air you have to puff your chest, back and neck to sniff it.


What are you waiting for, but do not come here quickly to enter the “kingdom” of the artichoke species to bring back the “price basket” of thousands of likes.

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