Cau Vang in Da Nang is still the hottest keyword on news websites and international social networks

It can be said that it was a long time ago that there was a place in Vietnam that was interested by international friends and so much affection!
In the middle of June, netizens, especially Vietnamese young people, were standing still in front of the image of a bridge with a giant hand shape in Da Nang. This project is called Golden Bridge (Golden Bridge) located in Thien Thai garden of Sun World Resort Ba Na Hills.
The Golden Bridge in Da Nang (Source: Amazings thing in Vietnam)
In high-angle and panoramic angles, two giant hands support the winding bridge like a young woman lifting a silk ribbon across a mountain forest. The bridge is located at an altitude of 1,400m, nearly 150m long including 8 spans. Amidst the beautiful natural scenery of Ba Na peak, walking on this bridge is like straying into a fairy-tale place.

(Image: Duong Mai Viet Anh)

(Image: Kieng Can Team)

(Image: Kieng Can Team)

(Image: @smashpop)

Good news spread, in just a short time, Cau Vang appeared on a series of international newspapers and information pages. Besides, famous Instagram accounts for tourism / culture around the world also constantly publish information about this place. It can be said that it was a long time ago that there was a place in Vietnam that was interested by international friends and so much affection!
Yesterday, the Architecture section of CNN posted an extremely epic video about the Golden Bridge.

Phillip Ophen left a comment: “Really overwhelmed. I didn’t think there was such a place in a movie in Vietnam. ”

Highsnobiety – a website specializing in culture & tourism is one of the first international channels to share new products in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Shortly thereafter, HypeBeast did not stand outside, making an article titled “The giant stone hand supporting the Golden Bridge in Vietnam.”

Tài khoản @_sageman_ bình luận: “Thêm một lí do nữa khiến tôi muốn ghé thăm Việt Nam càng sớm càng tốt.”

The Golden Bridge image after being posted on @beautifuldestinations – a famous Instagram travel account has received nearly 500k likes, many times higher than usual.

Tài khoản @maamuro: “Chiều tà mà đứng đây ngắm hoàng hôn thì đúng là không gì tuyệt vời hơn!”

TIME’s official fanpage also surprised thousands with flycam clips filmed at Cau Vang.

Nytimes commented that walking on the Golden Bridge is like walking in the clouds.

EconomicsTime specializes in economics called Golden Bridge an emerging phenomenon in Vietnam.

Another netizen is quite alert and realistic: “Hope everyone who comes here will consciously preserve this place. This is a country of pride, after all! ”

The NationalGeographic page posted a thorough discussion of the process, so this new masterpiece in Vietnam.

Bored Panda “sneaking” about Danang Golden Bridge: breathtakingly beautiful like in the movie “Lord of the Rings”

The Guardian commented that this is a dream destination for international tourists in the future.

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